Line Painting Services in Vancouver

Line Painting Services

Do you have a parking lot with faded, missing or improperly painted lines? If yes, you need to know that such parking lots are:

  • Disorganized – Your customers won’t know where to park their vehicles
  • Dangerous – People won’t be able to recognize the safe walking areas
  • Wasteful – With proper parking lot lines you can fit more cars on your lot
  • Potentially Liable – You could be held responsible for any accident held in your lot

At Gorilla Deck & Fence, our Vancouver contractors specialize in parking lot line painting. We help our commercial and residential customers in creating a parking lot that has a sharp look and a sense of order. Your customers will know exactly where to park their vehicles and where to safely walk.

Parking Lot Painting Services in Vancouver

Whether you want a fresh coat of parking lot line paint, or a new layout, Gorilla Deck & Fence can get the job done. Our Vancouver contractors are committed to providing good quality line painting and pavement markings along with superior customer service to all our valued customers. Our technicians hold years of experience in this industry and get excellent workmanship and peace of mind. We aim to give a fresh and professional look to the parking areas through our line painting services.

Types of Parking Lots Serviced:

  • Indoor & Outdoor lots
  • Rooftop parking lots
  • Street level parking
  • Underground parking garages
  • Loading docks for large shipping vehicles

Our Parking Lot Line Painting Services in Vancouver

  • Line Painting
  • Painting ‘No Parking’ Areas
  • Repaint Older Parking Lots
  • Layout & Paint New Parking Lots
  • Symbol Marking & Lettering
  • Wall Painting
  • Line Eradication

Your Parking Lot. The Gateway to Your Business

Parking lot – the first thing customers see when they arrive your business location. A parking lot with clean, visible lines draws people to your business. They feel good in having a space where they can easily and safely park their vehicles.

On the contrary, an old parking lot with missing and inappropriate lines might turn off their mood and cost you business. Customers won’t know where to park – and you will be losing valuable space by not utilizing the full space of your parking area.

Gorilla Deck & Fence has been offering line painting solutions for the past many years across Vancouver. Our Vancouver contractors always use quality line painting equipment and paints to deliver great results for our customers. We are professional, punctual and dedicated contractors aiming to enhance the image and look of your parking lot area.

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