Sweeping Services in Vancouver

Sweeping Services

Gorilla Deck & Fence provides sweeping services for residential and commercial areas in Vancouver. We take great pride in the level of sweeping services we offer to our customers. We offer state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, and skills to meet your sweeping needs.

After fall and winter season, Vancouver residents require sweepers who can efficiently remove the accumulated dust, sand and debris. Our professionals specialize in cleaning driveway, sidewalk, and parking lot and any other area of your premises.

Why Sweep

  • Where for residential areas a well maintained parking areas and sideways are a key to enhance the curb appeal of their home, for commercial building owners, it is the key to attracting customers. Remember, exterior cleanliness is as important as interior cleanliness.
  • Storm water runoff has become a factor in our environment. Sweeping your property areas on a regular basis will significantly reduce the amount of pollutants in storm water streams and prevent clogging of drains.
  • Regular sweeping also increases the lifespan of your commercial and residential flooring material, such as asphalt and concrete. Sand and debris are abrasive. If you allow dirt to stay on the driveways or pavements, it will eventually deteriorate the paving material, costing you thousands of dollars for the repair.

What can Gorilla Deck & Fence power sweeping do for YOU?

  • Our professionals in Vancouver offer the most competitive pricing in the industry.
  • For us customer service is priority #1.
  • We strive to build and nurture a good partnership with our customers by providing on-site quality inspections and ongoing feedback.
  • Our technicians provide proper inspections for all types of properties seeking daily, weekly or monthly sweeping services in the Vancouver area. We meticulously look for stubborn dust, dirt, stains or grease accumulated on the floors.
  • Our professionals are fully licensed, insured and bonded, so you can expect quality workmanship from us.

Why it is good to have a well-maintained property?

Having a well-maintained property will make your neighborhood, potential buyers and clients aware about how much you care for your surroundings and most of all – your environment. A clean parking lot or driveway reflects a well-managed operation. When someone visits us, we want them to feel positive about our property. And a messed up property with sand and debris around will only turn off your neighbors and customers’ mood. So, make sure you keep your place clean and healthy so that it looks fresh and appealing every time someone visits there.

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