Vancouver Parking Lot Ice Removal Services

Parking Lot Ice Removal Services

Parking lots take plenty of beating through everyday use. Don’t let a cold snap freeze up your Vancouver business. Beat the cold with parking lot ice removal services from Gorilla Deck and Fence! We provide snow and ice removal services to protect our customers when cold weather threatens the safety of their employees and clients.

When our experts work on your parking lot, they treat it as an extension of your business. We use only our own equipment and staff and do not use sub-contractors. We stand behind our team, employees, and exclusively our work. By removing snow and ice from your parking lot, we allow optimal access to your business, in addition to preventing injury to your clients and employees. We have the team and equipment to take on Vancouver’s largest storms and guarantee quick removal of snow and ice from your parking lots. Since our company also specializes in landscaping, we take additional care to prevent damage to landscaping.

Our Parking Lot Ice Removal Services include:

  • Vancouver Parking lot Gravel
  • Vancouver Parking lot Sanding
  • Vancouver Parking lot Salting
  • Vancouver Snow Hauling
  • On-site relocation
  • Off Site Hauling and Dumping
Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to ask any questions.

Let Us Make Your Winters Hassle-Free

When nature strikes and the snow falls, you can depend on Gorilla’s Snow Removal to clear your parking lots efficiently and professionally. We pride ourselves on ensuring your property is safe as quickly as possible. We understand that parking lots cleared of snow means higher traffic and business for our commercial clients.

When the snow falls during business hours, we will service your parking lot to ensure your driving lanes are navigable during the storm. And, when the snow falls after business hours, our team will work tirelessly to ensure all parking lots are cleared before the next business day. We use safe and fast-acting products on concrete asphalt parking lots to eliminate ice and keep it from forming again.

Our team can be easily reached during winters, and will work without a hitch to keep your business safe and open.

Contact us to schedule a professional parking lot ice removal service.